Wednesday, 27 July 2016

SAP FI - Automatic Payment Program (Configuration and Run) - Part4

Now go to Transaction 'F110', give the date of APP Run and any 5 digit alpha-numeric characters as identification.

Click Parameter tab.

Give your company code and type the payment method as C , give the next p/date to be minimum 2 days later than the current posting date. Provide your vendor number using the input help.

Move on to the Additional Log tab

Select the check boxes for Due date check , Payment method selection in all cases and Line items of the payment documents, give your vendor number and save it.

You will get a status message as shown above. Then click back.

Now click the Proposal button in the menu bar.

Type today's date, select the start immediately check box and type your target computer's name.

Click OK.

You will see the status as 'Proposal is running' and receive a status message.

Press Enter and you will see the status changes as shown below.

Press Enter and you will see the status changes as shown below.

Now click the edit proposal button, and press Enter.

You will get the details of transactions between your company and the vendor(Line Items).

Double click the item and you will be navigated to another screen with further more details of the line item.

Again double click the entry, and you will get a pop-up window as shown below.

Click the Reallocate button, another window will pop-up.

Type in all details as shown above, click OK , save it and click back.

The next screen will show the cleared line item.

click back and then click Payment Run button

Specify the date and target computer, press enter.

Press enter till the status turns out as shown below.

Go to the Printout/data medium tab and specify your identification against the RFFOUS_C field and click Maintain variants button.

Specify details as shown and click attributes button.

You will be navigated to the next screen.

Give a meaningful text for your Identification and click save.

You will get a status message

Click save, back and then save, again click back.

You will see the status messages as shown.

Now click the Printout button.

Specify your identification and click OK. You will get a status message.
Now go to menu bar, click system → services → Output Control.

You will get a screen for spool request selection, click execute.

You will get a list of spool requests from which you can choose your respective document to be viewed.

Click on the icons in the 'Type' column to view the document.

You should now be able to view smartforms for check and payment advice as shown below.

This ensures that your Automatic Payment Program Run is executed successfully.

Once APP is executed, the open line item for the vendor will be cleared. You can check it by executing the transaction 'FBL1N' and selecting the radio button for 'cleared item'.

You will see the cleared line items as listed.